Scattered Dreams

Royaume Uni

2018Godmother Artist

(…) Oh mirror!
(…) By dreams and searching my memories
(…) I have known the nakedness
of my scattered dreams!(…)
From Herodias – Stéphane Mallarmé
This series invites us to dive into the fleeting world of the unconscious, a place of flowing reflection. The focus of this work lies in the exploration of what it really means to be naked, to be free from all conscious factors, to discover how to include fear, and how beauty relies on loss. Images conceal asmuch as they reveal: photographs are printed on different kinds of paper, with different weights and texture; they are often superimposed to reveal the silhouette of the next image through the previous one. Images are intertwined and cloud the limits between dreams, imagination, and reality. This creates a harmonious space where spectators can reconstitute their own narrative experience.

About the artist

Susannah Baker-Smith is a British photographer born in 1968. Shegrewupin Wales, England, and in Amsterdam. After she studied literature in Cambridge and travelled through Asia, Africa and Middle East, she turned to photography andentered the Institute of Contemporary Photography in New York. Her work is a reflection on the
themes of remembrance and dream.