Distant Place


2014 -

“Distant Place” is a project by Sputnik Photos about the Vistula river in Warsaw. The Vistula in Warsaw is more strange than beautiful. A forest grows along its banks, in the center of the city, which is separated from the river by a highway. River traffic has been extinct for over twenty years. Next to the city, the Vistula is something of a reserve, an unpenetrated enclave. It is incredible how distant a place it is, even though it is in the center of the city. On one hand, people are always trying to get here, but keep having to find the way. A magical place and asylum for some, to others it is a gutter, a dump, a realm of rejected people and discarded objects.

Sputnik Photos
Distant Place

About the artist

Sputnik Photos is an international collective founded in 2006 by documentary photographers from Central and Eastern Europe, who share the desire to observe and describe what surrounds them, as well as the experience of living in Central and Eastern Europe in the post-transformation period. The members of the collective are recognised photographers from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, winners of important international awards, such as World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year or the Magnum Expression Award. Photo books, on which Sputnik work with journalists and writers, are an important part of the collective’s work. Sputnik’s photographers are also engaged in photography education, organising workshops, mentorship programmes and providing consultations.