Even this will pass

Royaume Uni


2017 - Sélection du jury

This body of work depicts the journeys and experiences of Eritrean refugees into the United Kingdom. Aida Silvestri was inspired by the story of a childhood friend. Fragmented stories, a map of refugees’ journeys tracing blurred mugshots become the blueprint for this body of work, which aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and bring to light different experiences and difficulties that her sitters faced on an uncertain voyage to exile which can sometimes be dreadful. The title echoes a message found on the walls of Sinai Mountain: Even This Will Pass.

About the artist

Aida Silvestri lives and works in the United Kingdom. She is a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in photography from the Kensington & Chelsea College and from the University of Westminster. Her main interest as an artist is to explore new and conceptual approaches to sensitive issues such as migration, identity, ethnicity, culture, health, politics and the landscape through documentary photography and art installations.