SHI Zhen

Kwei yih


2017 - Sélection du jury

Kwei Yih is a project deeply rooted in the artist’s personal experience. After many years of roaming away from home, she finds herself falling into a state of anxiety and helplessness, eagerly looking to regain a sense of belonging. However, it is such a complicated emotion. She can still call it a feeling of happiness when the nostalgia and homesickness come to her which will never be like a floating weed or a falling leaf, as home always lies silently within somewhere deep in heart.

Laureate of the Tribew award 2017
Dowload for free her portfolio published by Tribew on a digital book in the ARTYbook collection on : 

About the artist

Originally from China, currently lives and works between Paris and Beijing, Zhen Shi is a visual artist, has produced a diverse body of work comprising of photograph, artist’s book and video. Her work has been included in exhibitions and festivals in China and France, more recently at Les Rencontres d’Arles, France (2016), Art book in China -abc/f Art Book Fair, Shanghai, China (2016), and Lianzhou Foto Festival, Canton, China (2015).