SECHER Dominique

Bokassa, la chute d’un tyran


2013 -

His series entitled “Bokassa, the fall of a tyrant” highlights the French contribution to the coronation of Bokassa, former president of the Central African Republic, self-proclaimed emperor on December 4, 1977. His photographs taken in the last place of residence of Bokassa in France, at the château de Hardricourt where his exile will lead him to a death penalty in absentia, reveal a place where History stands still. The flamboyance of the emperor gives way to the flight of the courtiers and to trampled pictures of the hero. Between past glory and the state of neglect of the place, this series makes time stand still. The artist grabs and immortalizes this fleeting moment which follows the flight, the escape and gives shape to the precise moment when everything changes radically.

About the artist

9 year old French artist, Dominique Secher lives and works in Paris. Of Senegalese and Gypsy origin, this atypical filiation makes him a person imbued with tolerance, poetry and pure madness. Though he started photography at 15, he had to wait until he was 40 to believe he could be a photographer.

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