Los Menonos



The Mennonite community in eastern Bolivia consists of Anabaptist Christians who came from Canada, Mexico and Belize in the 1950s. They live the same life as their ancestors, without cars, telephone or electricity.

Far from it all, they have developed a strong sense of belonging to their community. However, the influence of the modern world, with its threats and temptations, is always near and land is scarce. This may herald the end the community.

This series of portraits examines the relations and roles of each individual within the community.

About the artist

Jordi Ruiz Cirera is an award winning documentary photographer born in 1984 in Barcelona. Devoted to long-term projects, Jordi focuses on the effects of globalisation in small communities and how they are adapting to it, and, since relocating in Mexico City, on migration issues across the Americas.