ROSS Pascual

La sal se come la piedra


La sal se come la piedra (“salt eats the earth”) is about these men and women who live by the sea and independently. Their income comes from what the sea provides. They have lived with it all their lives, often in precarious work conditions and without any work contract.

Today, these people are invisible in the eyes of the system. Due to many environmental changes, it is very difficult for them to obtain the minimal resources necessary to cope. The sea no longer feeds them. Yet, many people keep returning on a daily basis to the shore they have known since the day they were born to try to catch any kind of fish or seafood to earn a little money. This daily struggle is becoming increasingly difficult, and all feel like they are becoming a burden that society does not know what to do with.

About the artist

Born in 1977, Pascual Ross is an independent Spanish photographer whose practice is based on people and the stories we all have within us. He investigates the individual, their environment and the traditions that condition them one way or another. He gives particular importance to small daily stories.