2016 - Jury

Mathieu Roquigny is the archivist of micro-events, from meal times to bedtime, recording amenities and summarizing the repetitive cycles of our day. In «DIARY», he creates a special inventory composed of WCs, “bistouquettes”, “cendars”…
From flashes to snaps, his aesthetic recalls communication codes transiting on networks where the quip inspired the act. But by chronicling his series long term, Mathieu expands time to infinity.

For the festival, he collaborates with musicians from the band Remote to present his ” Diary” as a visual and sound installation. Its thousands of images will scroll on a old tv’s wall where the rhythms of different slideshows will try to occasionally join the sound.

About the artist

Mathieu Roquigny (born in 1982 in Rouen) studied at the Institut Saint-Luc in Tournai, Belgium. His works often combine chance and humor. In 2015, he received the price of Kristal 60th Montrouge Salon and Sciences Po prices for contemporary art.
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