Corps de ballet


2016 - agnès b.

A window into daily life. Her poem. Just as for hands, what they can do to save from oblivion that which is common. There would be ordinary life and separate spheres, art and that which makes us dream. But to think this is to forget that life is very much present, it is powerful, and when reality hits back, it upsets. Marion Poussier, photographer, asks reality to help her find her gestures. She initiated in the “I, Corinne Dadat” project – which was a documentary piece the subject of which was a housekeeper and a dancer (Zirlib collective), a series of portraits of maintenance women and men whose main qualification is their body. The journey is a ballet. We start from the big to go to the small, from manual work to choreography.

NB: A “corps de ballet” is a homogeneous group of dancers who work in the background to emphasize the qualities of the main dancer referred to as the “étoile”. A “corps de ballet” works as a group in unison but as one person and whose main quality is to be anonymous.

About the artist

Poussier Marion was born in 1980, she lives and works in Paris. She received in 2006 the Lucien and Rodolf Herve price and in 2010 the price of the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2014, she was invited by the Outdoor cinema festival (Parc de La Villette – Paris) to create a series of short films about adolescence. Her photographs are exhibited in France and abroad. She is represented by the Galerie du Jour Agnès b.