POLINA Alexandra

Generation 60


2015 -

The impact of relocating to a new country is directly proportional to the immigrant’s age: the older he/she is the bigger is the struggle to intake the amount of new impressions and to alter the familiar ways of living. The protagonists of these pictures are very aware of this – every single one came to Germany when they were already in their sixties. This series tries to demonstrate the inner world of the characters and the way they face the challenge of being trapped between the past and the present.

About the artist

ALEXANDRA POLINA was born in Uzbekistan in 1984. She studied Journalism at the National University of Uzbekistan. In 2008, she left her country to study in Germany. The main focus of her work has always been on immigration and identity. Alexandra has won several photo awards. Her work has been shown in Germany, France, England and Luxemburg.