Poitevin Philippe (04/07 + 04/08)

Décor de Cinéma

2018Photographe Studio Photo 2018

Philippe Poitevin invites you to enter into a world between dream and reality ; creating a cinema scenery, simply by using smoke and mirrors !

About the artist

Born in Paris in 1962, Philippe Poitevin is a self-taught photographer. Coming from a family of knowledgeable amateurs, his father offers him, for his eight years, his first “Instamatic”, as if to perpetuate the tradition. He dreams of doing his job, life will be different, but passion will never leave him. Having lived thirty years in Corsica, the island of his mother, where light is a daily invitation to the image, he did not hesitate to practice photography. He works at the same time in advertising and music. Back in Paris in 1998, he discovered film sets as a decorator and prop. In this propitious universe, he accumulates portraits and various shots and is exhibited for the first time in 2006 by the Fetart association.