Nothing personal


2017 - Carte Blanche

Yiannis Pantelidis observes the landscape stretching beyond the city and relying on it. For the past five years, he chose his native land, Thessaloniki, as the ground for his photographic quest.
His aim is to approach the invisible boundary, the space where city and nature intertwine. Humans are not necessarily present in it. Every detail of the landscape is captured with both a topographical approach and a meticulous gathering of information.
The photographs show a lot and suggest even more, whereas everything if left almost untouched, as if the work was pending.

With the support of the Greek Cultural Institute


About the artist

Yiannis Pantelidis was born in 1969 and lives in Thessaloniki (Greece). He studied electrical and computer engineering, and eventually undertook a photo apprenticeship at the Kalamaria Photographic Workshop under the instruction of Petros Mitkas. In 2014 he engaged in the third part of the photographic project A stroll in the City, which was presented in the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki.