The South Street Village


2014 - Artiste invité(e) - projets spéciaux

Wentworth, Where Lucas Olivet spent his summer holidays as a child, is in Quebec. It’s not easy to go there. One of these two statements can be found on the license plates: I remember or The beautiful province. The first one is also the title of Joe Brainard’s book: I remember. It evokes perfectly what we miss from the places that accompany our lives. These stories, the games, the characters and the mythology linked to his child’s experiences are reinvested through pictures and a video shot this summer in Canada by the Cowboy Noir collective.


About the artist

The Cowboy Noir collective is made of, among others, Claude Baechtold, Noé Cauderay, Nicolas Lieber and Dimitri Procofieff. The collective is the author, in 2012, of a Nollywoodian superproduction “Hunting diamond Jo”.This full-length feature film written, directed and edited in Lagos, Nigeria, second world capital of cinema, tells the mad adventure of a diamonds theft in Lagos and was made in fifteen days under the nollywood shooting conditions. Giona Bierens de Haan, Louis Jucker, Lucas Olivet and Augustin Rebetez have participated to the Fabulous Adventures of Mosquito Sam.