Salt in the air, sand in my hair


Mihail Novakov photographs daily life and documents human existence with poetry. He sees a beach as the place where the soul is closest to nature, a place out of time, animated by the sound of the waves and the blowing wind: it is the perfect moment to grab a camera and capture the world around. His images are imbued with the romance and melancholy that slowly vanishes on the banks of the Black sea. With sincere curiosity for the world that surrounds him and a touch of irony, both towards himself and his environment, Mihail Novakov sets up a joyful and sometimes absurd stage where one has fun and enjoys life.


About the artist

Born in Bulgaria in 1984, Mihail Novakov documents the colourful, the almost kitsch and the absurd in daily life. He adopts an ironic approach of his perception of himself and his environment. The aesthetic of his pictures evoke the atmosphere of the feelings and desires that typify post-communist Bulgaria. His main areas of interest are social observation and youth culture.