Towards the sun looker


2013 -

“Towards the sun looker” brings reality into play by offering a dual representation of life. The world of urban and social society confronts that of the great wild and solitary areas of the north. Through his photographic work, Juuso Noronkoski tries to decipher reality in order to reconstruct something foreign but nevertheless vaguely familiar. In this series, it is all about representing the nostalgia of nature that appears inaccessible, incomprehensible and even dangerous to the modern man.

About the artist

Born in 1983, Juuso Noronkoski lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. A graduate of the university of applied sciences of Lahti, he finishes his arts studies at he university of Aalto in Helsinki in 2012. His work is exhibited on a regular basis since 2006 in Finand and abroad. Juuso Noronkoski dramatizes fictional pictures coming from real pictures taken in his environment to better question the truth of the photographic medium. He questions the autocracy of reality through a narration of the different human conditions.

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