2017 - Jury

Marie Moroni does not know much about these women, except their common history, the history of Rwanda. She met them in a small village surrounded by the Kigali hills, in the embroidery workshop they work. IBABA was born there… an intimate and speechless meeting. Created in the 1970’s, the workshops did not went through the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The initiative to reopen them only emerged in 2012. Marie has been moved by these individual meetings, by what they accepted to show her. She does not speak their language, they do not speak hers either. They observ each other in silence.

About the artist

Marie Moroni lives and works in Montreuil (France). She has been a scenograph and a plastic artist for more than 15 years now, and has always worked with images. In 2015, she decided to focus on photography. In July 2016, her series of portraits was selected for the Voies OFF in Arles and for the Nuits photographiques in Pierrevert.