Vieraalla Maalla (In a Foreign Place)


2016 - jury

“Vieraalla Maalla (In a Foreign Place)” is a project born from cultural misunderstandings that influence how we perceive images and the world around us. Toying with Finnish phrases and proverbs and Karelian and Sami customs, Emilia Moisio creates an outlandish universe. Although recognisable to those sharing the cultural heritage, they appear absurd and strange to others. Emilia Moisio’s work therefore portrays the arbitrariness of our interpretation of images.

Discover her new exhibition at the Gare de l’Est.

About the artist

Emilia Moisio is born in Finland in 1983. She is now a London-based freelance photographer. Her approach is guided by the desire to question the role of images in society.