Fundação Lar do Emigrante Português no Mundo



The series Fundação lar do emigrante Português no mundo is a photographic project of on-going investigation that started in 2016. The project evolves on the ruins of the Home for Portuguese Expatriates in the World Foundation, a satellite town planned in a forest region in the north of Portugal in the 1980s. The utopian institution, partially built by a Venezuelan migrant, claimed to welcome migrants arriving in Portugal. This private initiative failed, due in particular to a lack of financial support. The complex was abandoned and has since been vandalised and is occupied by far-right groups.

About the artist

Nelson Miranda was born in Portugal in 1979. He is an architect, but also produces personal photo projects, that mainly focus on the documentation of buildings. His work has been exposed several times, notably at the Reclaim Photography Festival, United Kingdom, et the Berlin Blue gallery, Germany, and at Porto Photo Month, Portugal.