MIHOV Nikola

The Sea Inside


2015 -

In June 2014, the Black Sea town of Varna, Bulgaria, was hit by heavy rains.
The suburb of Asparuhovo was swamped by a three meters high flood destroying everything in its path and killing 13 people. According to the authorities, the disaster was due to an illegal waste site and unmaintained drains which allowed a large amount of water to collect and subsequently sweep away the illegally built houses. However, the residents believe that the wave was not caused by the torrential rain but by a breakage of the nearby military base’s reservoir. Rumors of divine retribution, UFO interference and even a HAARP (American military program) attack have also spread. Right after the flood Nikola Mihov spent three days in Asparuhovo documenting the interiors of some of the most damaged houses in the Roma neighborhood, as well as the stories of their inhabitants.

About the artist

NIKOLA MIHOV was born in Sofia in 1982. He graduated in Visual Arts – Photography at the New Bulgarian University in 2011. In 2012, he was nominated at the “Zooms” award of the Salon de la Photo in Paris. His first photo book Forget Your Past was selected among the best photo books of the year by The British Journal of Photography.