MARIN Pàtric

YOZ. Natural History


2016 - Invité

Pátric Marín is fascinated by the possibility of giving a different appearance to living beings around him by using light. He uses organic materials, little remarked upon, and gives them a value. This is how YOZ begins, the artist’s journey in a fantasy world, a world built inside the real world. Light causes the transformation of ephemeral forms which the photographer captures.

About the artist

Patric Marín, born in 1979 in Spain, graduated from the Massana School of Barcelona in painting. He began working on photography in 2001 and studied this area in the IEFC in 2010. He won the Mark Grosset award in 2015, Lux Photography Award and XV EAC 2015 of Alicante. His work has been exposed to PhotoScan, Incubarte 7, Barbastro Foto and Promenades hotographiques of Vendôme.