Lilly LULAY does not photograph landscapes. From private snapshots either found or purchased, she creates a world where colour and black and white, the urban and nature are mixed together in the form of photo collages. With her “Mindscapes” series, she creates astonishing artworks, which surprise both by their visual consistency and their abstraction. Not re-photographed, these collages seek and encourage the sense of touch. They display texture and emphasize the materials and procedures employed. Born of small portions of reality, these collages offer an imaginary world and stimulate the peculiar feeling of being strange and familiar at once. Carole Coen

About the artist

Lilly LULAY is born in 1985 in Frankurt (Germany). She studied fine art photography, sculpture and media sociology in Germany and France. She exhibited in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Modena, Bordeaux and Paris. Her work is part of collections such as George Estman Museum, New York, Fondazione Fotografia di Modena and Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation. The artist is represented by the gallery Kuckei & Kuckei Berlin.

With the support of Goethe Institut.