Gymnast & Wrestler


2014 - Sélection du jury et de Fetart

What is an athlete except for a being for which inwardness and exteriority are one? Somebody whose will and thoughts are embodied in an absolute way in the shape of a body in the making of a gesture. It is probably the reason why photography has always loved athletes: when it is successful, the image grasps the whole truth of a being. I chose to take pictures of these athletes mostly when they are resting. The body, so bitterly shaped, finds itself deprived of its reason for being: it’s not about celebrating the performance but rather a presence. Massive and muscular or thin and graceful, each athlete offers himself to us such as he is in himself. These pictures have been taken in Bulgaria in high level training camps, in Sofia, Plovdiv and Blagoevgrad.

About the artist

After studying economics, he learns with fashion photographers. He then turns to portraits, publishes various magazines and collaborates with advertising agencies. Since 2010 he conducts a personal work about the identity of the countryside people in Lithuania and in Moldavia.