LIENARD Julien 29/05/2016

Special Mother’s Day


2016 - Photographer

The project of the photographer for the photo studio is to photograph children and their parents on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The creation of a childish universe marked with sweetness and with musing (a machine with bubbles, flowers etc.), will allow the children to appropriate the studio together with their parents.

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About the artist

Julien Lienard learns about the photography in 2005. After a CAP Photon un Bac Pro Photo, a high school diploma Photo at the high school Brassaï and a BTS Photo at the high school Renoir in Paris, he perfects as assistant and digital operator. He works for numerous photographers, mainly portrait painters, as Nicolas Guérin, with whom he acquires, for four years, the necessary experience to start his career.
He is represented by the branch Outline of the agency Getty today and specialized in the portrait for the press or the communication. He realizes also in parallel lookbooks for the childish fashion.