2013 -

Moritz Krauth’s work is characterized by portraits that show both a distance and an intimacy between the people who are photographed and himself. His works vacillates between the intimate report and the documentary. In the “Er” series, it’s his best friend, who is critically ill, that he uses as a topic: “We decided together that I had to document the steps of his life and the changes of his body and of his spirit.” His approach to photography is based on emotions and intuition.

About the artist

Moritz Krauth was born in 1990 in Hamburg, Germany. After studying at the Instituto Marangoni, which gave him a first insight of the dramatization of a body in space, he joins the Gobelins school and graduates with honors in October 2012. Since August 2012, his work as set assistant at studio Rouchon (Paris) enables him to work with renowned photographers on a regular basis. Currently studying at the Düsseldorf school of photography, Moritz Krauth lives and works between Paris, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

Eclairage Profoto