The year Varya KOZHEVNIKOVA became 31, and her daughter Lera 13, they began to wear clothes and shoes of the same size. They started playing a game called, ‘what if I were you?’, swapping clothes and roles. It was an experiment to find a new form of mother-teenage-daughter relationships, but it wasn’t always a fun game.

This project is about recognizing oneself in another person, about the struggle with similarity, about separation, and the desire to get closer.



About the artist

Born in 1988, based in St Petersburg (Russia), Varya KOZHEVNIKOVA combines documentary photography and performances, between fact and fiction, direction and improvisation. She has taken part in photo festivals such as Helsinki Photo Festival, Athens Photo Festival, Photobookfest Festival in Moscow and Presence festival in St Petersburg.

Born in 2006, Lera PAVLIKOVA (co-author and KOZHEVNIKOVA’s daughter) is a student in St Petersburg.