KOE Sabine



2013 -

Intimistic and poetic, the “Barfuss” photography series questions relationships without any false modesty and in particular the moment when happiness seems to be self-sufficient. Sabine Koe freezes the moment when life seems pure and simple, when the dreamy love story vacillates between trust and melancholy. Through a warm and sunny atmosphere, the different chapters of her story, taken from a personal experience, recount situations from the everyday life that the artist wants to remember.

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About the artist

Born in 1980 in Austria, Sabine Koe studied fine arts in Linz, Bologna and London from 2000 to 2006. She graduated in Arts and Design from the Linz university, an Austrian town where she lives and works. From age 7, she started using photography to translate in a personal way the vision of her environment and of her existence. She recorded the memories she deemed worthy to be remembered thanks to a small toy camera she had built. Her work has been exhibited in Austria, Belgium, Spain and France.

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