De la possibilité d'une image


2018 - Artiste Invité

Creation is a process of happenstance that others can read. Karin Crona came upon a magazine called Pénéla during a day of idleness. Published between 1967 and 1973, Pénéla was the first women’s magazine that could be found in libraries. Karin Crona managed to gather several issues of Pénéla and undertook a work of decoupage and composition with photographs taken from the magazine. Through these new compositions, she gave birth to her own personal mythology. She adopted a technique close to automatic writing and visual haiku.

With the support of the Swedish Institute.

About the artist

Karin Crona was born in Sweden in 1968. She lives in Paris, where she works asan artistic director and graphic designer. In addition, she is a photographer for children’s press and school editions, and develops projects that revolve around plastic photography inspired by “art brut” and Surrealism. Her projects were shown in festivals in Sweden, in Czech Republic and in France.