Identically Different


2018 - Artiste Jury

Yentl and Laura are identical twins. They shared the same uterus, the same amniotic sac, and the same placenta. They are as identical as it gets. While most people look at them as one unique person, Yentl and Laurens have always known how different they were from one another. You can imagine the surprise when Laura decided to assert her true identity and became Laurens. Judith Helmer followed Laurens and Yentl through the process of self-discovery and claim for identity.


This exhibition is part of : Oh ! Pays-Bas : saison culturelle néerlandaise en France 2017-2018

About the artist

Judith Helmer is a Dutch artist, born in 1982 and who now works and lives in Breda, in the Netherlands. She studied at the Fotovakschool of Rotterdam, from which she graduated in 2017. While she was a student, her work was shown at the BredaPhoto, the International Photo Festival in Breda. Her series entitled Identically Different was an end-of-studies project and was displayed in several exhibitions through the Nether- lands, as well as published in a number of journals