Cosmic Surgery


2018 - Artiste Invité

This series by Alma Haser combines photography and origamis and is part of a tradition of portraits that question future generations. Physical appearance has become omnipresent and keeps being brought to our attention: those observations are the focus of Cosmic Surgery. This work was conceived as a surgical procedure to which the public might be able to participate later on. Whether it is to hide better from Big Brother or simply to upgrade their physical appearance, Alma Haser’s futuristic beings are as ludicrous as they are strangely realistic. Their facial features are multiplied and distorted, as a reference to the cubist and surrealistic imagery.

About the artist

Alma Haser was born in 1989 in the Black Forest region, in Germany, surrounded by other artists. She now lives and works in London. Through her work, she revisits the art of the portrait. She was awarded many times, including with the Bright Spark Award of the Fondation Magentaandthe PDN Photo Annual. She was also nomi- nated for the Taylor-Wessing Portrait Prize, delivered by the National Portrait Gallery of London. Her series were displayed in international institutions, such as the Saatchi Gallery in 2017