Just small hiccups


2015 -

For Anni Hanén, the series “Just small hiccups” is a way of telling her child about our heritage, things that can only be felt, meaningful things. The series is based on feelings that arose when the photographer moved back to her childhood home with her family. Her memories are colored by how we feel and imagine life, its colors, flavors, fears and tragedies, not forgetting the good, the bad and the authority in life.
Such “photo-theatrical” moments, built with her child, join the experiences of both –her own past and her son’s childhood– through a visual dialogue between mother and son, past and present.

About the artist

ANNI HANEN was born in 1981 in Lahti (Finland). Influenced by Nietsche’s concept of eternal recurrence, her work links a reflection of her own past and memories with her son’s experiences, past and present. She graduated in 2013 from School of Arts, Design and Architecture at the Aalto University, Helsinki.