Pre Mortem



Inspired by the marking of future grave sites in a cemetery, Ihar Hancharuk started a visual investigation on the theme of death, its representation and its anticipation in his native Belarus. He decided to document the traditions of funeral preparations, from reserving a site in a cemetery to the carving of the gravestones, the stelae illustrated with portraits and indicating the dates of birth while awaiting the dates of the demises. Dark yet starkly factual, this series challenges us to face the merciless theme of death – the ultimate taboo in our western societies.

About the artist

Ihar Hancharuk is a documentary photographer born in Baranovichi, Belarus. He is a graduate of the photography school of Saint Petersburg. Ihar Hancharuk works with documentary and art photography, video and archives. His projects focus on national identity, collective memory and the impact of mass media on the world.