With the name of a flower


2020 -

“With the Name of a Flower” investigates the name changes imposed on the Muslim population in Bulgaria between 1912 and 1989. The project considers a wide and complex historical, political and ideological context. It also bears witness to the intimate viewpoint of a family by deciphering the memories of these people and their descendants who have been directly affected by these name changes.

Using photography, performance, a sound and video installation, archives and objects, Vera Hadzhiyska reveals this lesser known part of Bulgarian history. She also questions the consequences of the solutions imposed by the State on the identity and memory of several generations of Bulgarian Muslims. The project aims to highlight the marks left by these events on today’s culture, religion and national identity.

About the artist

Vera Hadzhiyska is a Bulgarian multidisciplinary artist living in England. Her practice addresses issues of migration, cultural and national identity, history and collective memory. Vera has an Masters and a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the University of Portsmouth (UK). She has exhibited in Bulgaria, Greece, England and Wales.