Tokyo Stories



“Tokyo Stories” is a journey through a city and an unknown culture, an ode to the discovery of the self and of others captured with utmost intimacy. In a society where each social interaction is defined by etiquette, Elodie GRETHEN went to meet Japanese and foreigners living in Japan. She took their photographs in their homes, their neighbourhood, in the street, or even hidden in love hotels. As the witness of this confidentiality, Elodie GRETHEN recorded their stories about their relation to others, their family, the city and sex.

With the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum


About the artist

Born in 1988, Elodie GRETHEN is a French artist who studied at the photography school Friedl Kubelka in Vienna. In 2018, she received one of the five photography grants from the Austrian chancellery. She has recently been nominated for the ℅ Berlin Talent Award 2020. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and Japan.