Visiones de perímetro


2015 -

The photographs taken of Venice are the result of prior research and investigation work which determined the exact locations of the absent architectural projects of famous architects (Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Louis Khan, Aldo Rossi).
As a result they are initially photos of routing, of performance and positional precision ; their visual writing is the basis for their georeferencing. Afterwards the buildings were raised three-dimensionally using the existing drawings and plans.
It’s a work of integration, of replacement, that constitutes a possible Venice or a Venice that could have been. This series of images contains the spirit of redress, of restitution and may be an archive of a possible reality.

About the artist

DIONISO GONZALEZ was born in 1965 in Gijón (Spain). He’s interested in urban constructions that have not been planned. Dioniso is familiar with suburban realities like Brazil’s favelas, which allows him to work on architectural rewritings that he integrates in his cities’ images. He works as a lecturer at the University of Seville.