Le Philosophe


2015 - Sélection du jury et de Fetart

As an expression of absurdity in an absurd world, an outburst of freedom in narrow landscape, the pictures of “The Philosopher” are the result of improvised events, born out of the search –at the whim of improvised journeys– of places favorable to disruption, to reinvention.
The settings are those of the institutional planning. Confined in their useful role, they become inhuman.
Epectase (Corentin Fohlen and Jérôme von Zilw) brings back the body to it, fitted with a bizarre sensuality, both Old France style and futuristic. Between dada poetry and punk controversy, the body which is staged here wants to wake up life.

Artist selected for #Circulagram

About the artist

EPECTASE is the artistic marriage between Corentin Fohlen and Jérôme von Zilw. The two friends met in 2002 and ten years later they make a first photography that gives birth to the Epectase duo.
Born in 1984, Jérôme von Zilw is a director and a singer-composer-performer.
Born in 1981, Corentin Fohlen is an independent journalist.