A couple of them


2017Artiste invité

At first, Johanna and Elsa’s work seems to show a multiplicity of characters. Those characters look at us and assert their status as the subject of the protograph: from young women in the subway, to boys dressed up like hunters and wandering through the woods, to highschool girls on holyday. Even though the portraits are different from one another, the same faces keep coming back to haunt the observant. By slipping in their characters’ clothes, the artists are not just wearing masks: they personify their subject in a theatrical way.

About the artist

Johanna Benaïnous and Elsa Parra, born respectively in 1991 and 1990 in France, live and work in Paris. They met in 2014 at the New York Visual School of Arts at a time when Johanna was studying at the Beaux-arts under the supervision of Eric Poitevin and Elsa was a student at the Arts Décoratifs. They have been working together since then.