Massive infrastructure projects have enabled the opening of Siberia throughout the 20th century. Since the collapse of the USSR, however, the scarcity of available doctors has become an issue in the remote rural areas where many residents do not have regular access to specialist care. Emile  focuses on the Saint Lukas, one of the five medical trains financed by the government, to reach the remote towns of Russia. Equipped with a blood test laboratory, ultrasound-imaging, brain-imaging (EEG) and electrocardiography (ECG) machines, among other things, the Saint Lukas criss-crosses Russia over several months. On board, seventeen doctors and their assistants make diagnoses and give prescriptions.

About the artist

Emile Ducke is a documentary photographer born in Munich in 1994 and currently based in Moscow. His work explores how historic changes affected Eastern Europe communities. His photo-essays were published among others in The Washington Post, Newsweek, National Geographic Digital and L’Obs.