2018Artiste Invité

ImmoRefugee is the official real-estate manual for refugees in Calais. The residential area, called the “New Jungle”, is a large space located west of Calais, in France. The “New Jungle” is marked out by a five-meter high metal enclosure and is equipped with running water and lighting. The “New Jungle” offers recently built housing configuration but is not a good enough response to the real needs of its inhabitants.

With the support of Wallonie Bruxelles International.

About the artist

Defrost is a collective of creators composed of Marco Tiberio and Maria Ghetti, who both work at the crossroads between artistic direction, photography, and exhibition design. They are deeply interested in exploring our modern society through the individuals that compose it and its everyday-life situations. They are characterised by an ironical and off-the-wall approach of their work.