DEDRY Maxence

Where am I ?


2014 -

The presented series “Where am I?” is the catharsis of the anxieties of the artist, the result of a permanent introspection. It is during these long moments of solitude that he started to be fascinated by the incredible ambiguity of human beings. The capacity we have to be and to appear to be. It is in this blackness that he attempts to hang on to the light and its power. Only the things that are still perceptible catch his eye and connect to our declining humanity.” This virtual life will have the same consequences as a drug: it is a place where we float in an unreal environment, where we suspend our judgment, where we give up on our personality.” (Benjamin Barber, Djihad Vs Mc World, 1995). This series of pictures doesn’t pretend to find a remedy to this alienation but it explores the no man’s lands of our world. It is the realization in picture of the inner conflicts of its author, which leaves the spectator enough darkness for him to build his fire

About the artist

2011 graduate from the école supérieure des arts Saint-Luc in Liège, Belgium, Maxence Dedry, a freelance photographer from Liège, continues her studies in cinema at the INSAS in Brussels.

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