DE RUVO Federica

Stand by me


2013 -

The self-portraits of Federica de Ruvo are melodramas that aim at catching the interest of the spectator, to provoke his own imagination. This series started after she was disappointed in love, the subject being intimacy. The permanent presence of her face and the saturated color help giving a dream-like atmosphere. The objects are the only clues about the role of the character. The dramatization is very simple. The only place is that of personality, of a character that is going to reveal himself to the public.

About the artist

Federica de Ruvo est née à Teramo, en Italie. Diplômée de l’École des Beaux-Federica de Ruvo was born in Teramo, Italy. After graduating from the school of fine arts of Bologna, plastic arts section, she settles in Strasbourg and thanks to a scholarship she did some courses at the school of decorative arts. At the same period, she discovers photography as way to explore her intimacy.

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