DE MIDDEL Cristina

The Afronauts


2013 - Artiste invité(e) - projets spéciaux

The series presented here, “The Afronauts” is the documentary base of an impossible dream that in the end will have only lived through the pictures of Cristina de Middel. In 1964, Zambia becomes independent and launches a space program that should have enabled Africans and the country to join in the achievements towards the conquest of space: to set foot on the moon. Edward Makuka, researcher in charge of the program had the responsibility of getting the necessary financial support. Unfortunately, the financial aid never came. Thus the heroic initiative turned into an exotic episode of African history, surrounded by war, violence, drought and famine.

About the artist

Cristina de Middel was born in Alicante, Spain in 1975. She was trained in Spain and in the United-States. She took part in many exhibitions in Spain (“The Afronauts” Kursala, Museum of the University of Cádiz, Spain, the New Gallery Madrid and “PolySpam” and Proyecto Arte Gallery and PhotoEspaña09). Her work has been noticed in festivals in France, Spain, United-States, UK and Guatemala.


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