ĆWIK Karolina

Don’t look at me



Karolina ĆWIK is not sure where her femininity ends and her motherhood begins. Sometimes she feels confident that she’s fulfilled, complete, and at other times she would like to be just a woman again. Her body is tired, it is also constantly touched, hugged by small arms and delicate hands, it is penetrated and tested. There is a thin line in motherhood between complete fulfilment and sacrifice, between boundless love and pain.

With the support of the Czech Cultural Center of Paris

About the artist

Karolina ĆWIK studied photography at the Creative Attitudes Center in Wrocław and at the Institute of Creative Photography, University of Silesia in Opava.

Her works has been exhibited at the TIFF Festival, at the Night of Photography in Tbilisi, and in Prague. Her Works have been published in many magazines. She has won the PDN Emerging Photographer competition and the Konrad Pustoła Memorial Scholarship 2020.