COSLOVI Marcello

The wrong side of the tracks


The Wrong Side of the Tracks was made in Modena, in one of the districts beyond the railway. In this area outside the dynamics of the city — where populations of various origins mingle —, lives the second largest Ghanaian community in Italy. Although not explicit, this segregating boundary is real, with a constant tension fuelled by the prejudice by the animosity between groups. Near the station, as if held in a waiting room, the daily life of this community in transit is precarious. Produced in close collaboration with the featured individuals, this series aims to evoke these people’s peripheral status. “Racism is sometimes imperceptible. It is not visible at a glance; it appears gradually.” (Teju Cole)

About the artist

Born in 1992, Marcello Coslovi lives in Modena, Italy. He graduated from the Spazio Labo’ photography school in Bologna where he now works. In 2022, he was nominated for the Kassel Dummy Award and the Giovane Fotografia Italiana #9. He was interviewed by Photography+ (Photoworks) for Street #16 on the subject of The Wrong Side of the Tracks.