Special Gyal



Special Gyal

« It was around 2015, […] that the artist discovered bootyshake and dancehall, which fascinated her from the outset, both for the attitude and for the appearance of the clothing that this dance implies. From her practice of this street dance, she discovers an exclusively female dance hall battle from which she draws, in her project “Special Gyal“, an inventory of movements and postures, which leads her to a total involvement in this popular subculture that some women have appropriated for themselves, seeking their empowerment against the sexist and violent lyrics of the music that accompanies it. […] »

 Excerpt from a text written by Juliette Soulez.



About the artist

Aïda BRUYERE is a French artist of Senegalese origin born in Dakar in 1995. A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, her practice is characterised by a pronounced sensitivity for publishing and the printed image and for post-colonial and Afro-feminist theories. She uses silkscreen, video and performance in her work to create powerful and inclusive atmospheres in the exhibition space.