BROD Nolwenn

Va t’en me perdre où tu voudras


2013 -

In October 2011 she follows in the footsteps of her father who died accidentally sixteen years ago in Eire. At that time, he was making a trip by motorbike with some friends. In the confusion of the days, the traces of an order appear that seems to govern mysteriously and that will give the photographer some unexpected outcomes. “If we believe the structure of human thought corresponds to that of nature, then everything is, in a way, linked to all the other things.”

About the artist

Nolwenn Brod was born in 1985 in Brest, France, trained for photography in the école des Gobelins in 2009. Since then, she carries out photographic works focused on the fields of the body and of space. In 2012 she joins a group of photographers called Temps Machine and the Hans Lucas studio of audio-visual creation and production.

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