2016 - jury

Sonnette was a city in Montana which disappeared in the late twentieth century for mysterious reasons. Some vestiges remain, of gloomy appearance, contrasting with the vivid memory of a dance-hall which once welcomed young people from the region in the 1960s. The series is an imagined walk through the city, in the light of what remains of this city, archives and testimonies. Mélissa Boucher and Marine de la Loge reinterpreted their wander around Sonnette. Their work develops the part of fiction that emanates from reality.

About the artist

Melissa Boucher (Born in 1986 in Paris) studied at ENSBA. She was invited to the residence Ucross in Wyoming. She has exhibited her creations at the Rosenblum Foundation and la Nuit de l’Instant. Marine de la Loge (Born in 1988 in Paris) studied geography before turning to photography. In 2013, she was a finalist in the price of SFR young Photographic Creation – Le Bal. Their duo emerged by a photographic complicity and the desire to produce images together.

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