2015 -

“Apian” explores the link between bees, architecture and science fiction. The artist’s interest in bees comes from his grand-father who was a beekeeper. Aladin Borioli also got his inspiration from 20th century dystopian novels that describe community and totalitarian futuristic societies.
He also draws his vision from the essay The Beehive Metaphor by Juan A. Ramírez published in 1998, in which the influence of bees on our architecture is analyzed. “Apian” mixes hybrid constructions –between traditional beehive and concrete bricks– with architectures pictures reduced to the status of model, making us reflect about the notion of scale.

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About the artist

ALADIN BORIOLI was born in Switzerland in 1988. After he studied graphic design at the La Chaux-de-Fonds arts school, he gets a Bachelor in photography from the ECAI in 2014. His work has been exhibited in various collective exhibitions.