West horizons



“To me, photographs representing landscapes are about three things: geography, autobiography and metaphor. […] Put together […], those notions rely on one another and strengthen this feeling we all share: our fondness regarding life itself.” Robert Adams, Essai sur le beau en photographie (1981)

Jef Bonifacino travelled 16000 kilometers over 3 Western America. Subjective documents, those dreamt up vast and untouched plains turn into front lines that separate nature from human activities. Jeff Bonifacino is sometimes amazed, but he cannot forget: Geronimo died only 106 years ago. Far from the classical road trip imaginary, he questions and caustically portrays these mythical lands.

About the artist

Jef Bonifacino is a freelance photographer who wants, through his work, to grasp the idea of a world with no territorial nor time borders in order to bring out universality. His work focuses on the notion of territory and raises in us the desire to explore a civilization and its landscapes in order to have us rethink our perception of space.