BLANK PAPER Miren Pastor



2016 - agnès b.

Considering adolescence as an archetype of change, Miren Pastor examines different elements that make us grow and shape our personality. Of Basque origin, the series is named “Bidean” meaning an ongoing process, a change. The artist’s project evolves as the adolescents she photographs continue to grow, building their own identity.

The project is built around photographic works produced by the photographer: shots characterising each stage of her models’ transition to adulthood which she has combined with metaphorical texts by Iván del Rey de la Torre.

About the artist

Miren Pastor born in 1985 in Pamplona. She graduated in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country in 2007. In 2008 she studied photography at Blank Paper School of Photography.

Her work has been exhibited in La New Gallery (Madrid), at Gema Llamazares Gallery (Gijón) and at Amárica (Vitoria). In 2014-15 she self-published her first two photobooks: Bidean.

Commissionership by Nicolás Combarro and Érika Goyarrola.