BLANK PAPER Alejandro Marote



2016agnès b.

“A” examines the dependent relationship between mankind and the city: although mankind has the power of creation, humans are locked in the universe that they have designed to protect themselves. The city is therefore becoming a prison, where footpaths are the ultimate and most perfect sign of urban purification, framing and modeling our daily wanderings.

Alejandro Marote shows how people, having realized this oppressive relationship, free themselves by returning to a primitive state, in direct contact with nature. The evolution comprises four complementary dimensions: Man, the city, the collapse of straight lines and the return to nature.

About the artist

Alejandro Marote (Madrid, 1978) Member of the Group of Photography BLANK PAPER.

Though he uses the photographic way as a tool, the use he does of this one comes closer to other skills, like painting or sculpture, but always working with the traditional medium (film) and its physical qualities.

Commissionership by Nicolás Combarro and Érika Goyarrola.